Mathematics, Mechanics and Modeling, a tribute to Zbigniew Peradzyński

joint with 13th Conference Mathematics in Technical and Natural Sciences

22.09.2013 - 27.09.2013

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The anniversary of our colleague prof. Zbigniew Peradzyński is an opportunity for the meeting of scientists working on applications of partial differential equations in various branches of science.

The progress in science is stimulated by a continuous flow of thoughts and ideas between researchers working on sometimes entirely different topics. This is most visible in mathematical modeling where concepts of stability, bifurcations and wave propagation cross barriers between different sciences and provide tools capable to describe substantially distinct phenomena which eventually have common structural features.

The scope of the conference embraces:

  • integrable systems
  • mathematical modeling of plasma dynamics (ion thrusters)
  • reaction-diffusion systems in biology ( travelling waves)
  • hydrodynamics (superfluid helium)


The conference is held jointly with closely related annual conference

Mathematics in Technical and Natural Sciences

organized by the Faculty of Applied Mathematics AGH University of Science and Technology.


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